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maternal monitor
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name: maternal monitor

 monitoring the vital signs of fetal and mother at the same time, twins monitoring, maternal spo2,hr,nibp,temp,ecg      and resp are available.

 alarms for fetal tachycardia or bradycardia,low power and paper missing.
 12.1 inch tft color screen, which can be folded up to 90 degrees.
 152 mm thermal printing paper.
 dsp technology, real-time identify and measurement for fhr, accurate and reliable results.
 high sensitive and water-proof fhr probe with built-in fas function (fetal acoustic stimulator).
 fetal movement displaying and printing function.
 manual and automatic fetal movement recording.
 24 hours data storage, which can be played back and printed.
 special patient and clinical event marking.
 built-in 16.8v lithium battery which applicable for ac and dc.
 supports both cable and wireless network connection and can be used with the central monitoring station to set up a     network system.