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  • nowadays, the incidence of cervical spine and lumbar disease is increasing as people's work pressure grows. mini tens (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy device has a certain modulation characteristics of transient concentration and diffusion on the power spectrum. it has a very realist ic simulat ion of the actual feeling on massage and acupuncture by people. if you of ten schedule to use this devcie on meridian points, it has a very effect ive treatment and relieve on all kinds of pain. you can also use it to massage fo...
  • jumper tens therapy offers natural, drug-free pain relief without harmful side effects. pain is personal, whether you are dealing with a temporary setback or have suffered chronic pain over a period of t ime. finally, there is a solution that is safe,effective and easy to use. using tens therapy, jumper products block pain signals with soothing, electrical pulses — providing you with immediate relief and assist ing you in getting back to normal activity.
  • features: • treatment and relief body pain such as shoulder, hand, joint, abdomen, waist and leg. • 5 treatment program options(massage, acupuncture, tapping,scraping and cupping). • dual-channel treatment available for two people at the same time. • adjustable intensity and time of treatment. • automatic alarm and pause when electrode pad off. • automatic shutdown when no operation after 2 minutes. • delicate appearance,compact design and portable. • low battery indication. specifications: operating voltage: 6v dc maxi...
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