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fetal monitoring system
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name:the central monitoring system

the large screen liquid crystal display, can be observed at the same time 8 bed waveformand parameter information.

dual and single screen can be switched, emphasis on single screen selection interfacedirectly to cover the entire screen.

standard configuration of connecting 8 bedside machine, can be extended to 32 bed.

bidirectional intelligent parameters can realize the central machine and bedside machine settings, measurement, parameter adjustment to start the alarm range control, without the need for tedious operation at bedside.

to the patient, patient name id arbitrary conditions were patient information query.

the three level alarm level can set the parameters and events for alarm processing,classification, and has multiple alarm.

can the bedside machine for 10000 cases of alarm event storage and playback and thelist display.

flexible configuration for wired, wireless or mixed network.

industrial ethernet network topology structure, reliable network protocol support.